If The Price Is Right

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You're working with Phil Bell. You're going to Port Tudor to do a deal with some Russians.

To The Docks

Grab a vehicle and make your way to the Docks. Once you arrive, you'll be told by a mobster that they'll give you a call when they've verified if the drugs are ok or not. Head into the compound and park your vehicle in the yellow marker.


Dimitri will call you and tell you that he's screwed you over once again. He's killed the Russian buyers and kept the drugs for himself. He does however advise Niko that the Russians still have the cash with them at the Docks and Niko could get the money before they figure out what's going on.

Going Up Top

Follow Phil around the building and up the ladder to the roof. Once you get there, Phil will shoot through a glass window and you can both drop in through it. Once you're inside you'll need to fight your way down to the ground level, which involves taking out a good 30 or so Russians. Start with the ones closest to you on the top platform, then shoot at those on the ground below. Once everything's clear on this platform, head down to the next one and kill those enemies. As you move down towards the bottom floor plenty more enemies will appear, so take it slowly and pick them all off with an AK-47.

Collect The Cash

Head across the bottom floor and kill the ten or so enemies behind the pillars and up on the walkway, then head up the stairs with Phil. There'll be a few more enemies here, but none which you won't be able to take out with a good burst of auto-aim. Once they're all dead, head over to Phil and you'll discover that the guy with the cash is locked up inside an office. Phil needs your help getting into it so move next to him.

Chase The Money

The guy with the cash will make an escape on foot, so you'll need to sprint after him. There'll be a few enemies on the bottom floor again, but you will be able to take them out as you head down the stairs. Once you get to the bottom, head outside and chase after the man with the cash. He'll get in a truck just as you get there, so run to the bike or the car and chase after him with Phil.

Got It!

Chase the truck until it's on the main road, then shoot at it till it's pretty damaged. The guy will get out, so kill him and pick up the cash, then get Phil back to his place.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $250,000


Mission Tips

  • Use an AK-47 to kill all of the enemies in the warehouse. Auto aim and crouching is very effective.
  • Keep an eye out for health and armour pickups scattered around the floor.
  • Wait until the truck is on the road before shooting at it.