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Peter Dreyfuss is a former Vinewood movie director who worked on films in the 1970s. He's not exactly a great person and has done some terrible things in the past.

Protagonists: Franklin (find letter scraps, finish), Michael and Trevor (find letter scraps only)
Rewards: None

Letter Scraps

During GTA V you probably heard a Weazel News radio clip about slain actress Lenora Johnson. Her murder is a mystery. In your travels across the landscape you may have come across scraps of a confession letter. The full letter is the key piece of evidence. Below is a map of the 50 letter scrap locations (more detailed guide here). You must collect all of them to solve the mystery. All three protagonists can collect them but only Franklin can speak with Dreyfuss.


After collecting all 50 letter scraps scattered around Los Santos and Blaine County, you'll be able to read the four page confession letter written in 1975. It reveals the truth about slain actress Lenora Johnson and some other interesting things. The man behind the killing is former director Peter Dreyfuss who confesses to the murder in this letter he had written to friend David Richards - who also has done some bad things in the past with Dreyfuss. Dreyfuss continued to torture Lenora's family afterward by sending them various things related to her or the murder. A new "?" icon now appears in the Vinewood Hills northwest of the golf course. This is the location of the killer.

A Starlet in Vinewood

As Franklin, go to the home of Peter Dreyfuss on North Sheldon Ave in the Vinewood Hills to confront him about the murder. Dreyfuss can be found in the backyard meditating. Franklin makes sure it is him but Dreyfuss wonders if it's just a fan wanting an autograph. He goes off into a spiritual rant about Franklin not wanting to pick up guns and how people seek Dreyfuss to consume him - aka oral pleasure of a certain kind. Franklin begins to get mad over that last part and brings up a picture of Lenora Johnson on his phone. Dreyfuss calls for his security and asks Franklin how much money he wants. Franklin doesn't want his money. Dreyfuss runs off.

His blip now flashes red/blue as he runs away and grabs his SUV. You can either let Dreyfuss go or kill him. If you give chase he'll drive all over the nearby hills. Disable his vehicle so he ends up on foot or shoot him through the glass.


  • If you are quick you can kill Dreyfuss right as he gets in his SUV.
  • Dreyfuss will run on foot if at least two of his tires are flat. You can shoot out the tires before starting this mission or as soon as possible during the chase.
  • Explosives are a good choice as usual but you cannot place sticky bombs prior to starting this mission. They will disappear after the cutscene with no replacement or refund.


  • Cut! - Kill Dreyfuss.