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Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 - General Details

GTA London 1969 was the first expansion pack to the Grand Theft Auto series, and was released as an add on for the original Grand Theft Auto game.

The game is set in London in the year 1969. The setting is involved in the way the game operates, with a number of historical and cultural references, including a James Bond-esque character. A lot of authentic slang is also used within the game and realistically, vehicles drive on the correct side of the road for the UK, that being the left hand side.

Some featured dialog in-game includes lines such as "Oi!, stop right there!", "You're nicked!" (Arrested) and "You're brown bread!" (Dead).

Additional bonuses in game include a "KEEP LONDON TIDY!" cash reward for running over a group of "soap dodging hippies" in a car without stopping.

Facts & Figures

Developed By
DMA Design (Rockstar North), Tarantula Studios, Rockstar Canada, Runecraft

Published By
ASC Games

DOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation

Release Dates
29 April 1999

Player Features
Single Player, Multi-Player