1961 Expansion Pack

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Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 Expansion Pack

Grand Theft Auto London 1961 is a freely distributed expansion pack for the original Grand Theft Auto and it's expansion "Grand Theft Auto: London 1969". It's the third game, and second expansion pack in the GTA series.

It's built within the same engine as the original GTA game and it's London 1969 expansion, therefore with similar graphics, however it's also set in London, but this time 8 years earlier in 1961.

The expansion pack adds new missions, 22 new vehicles, additional cutscenes and a multiplayer map based on the city of Manchester. 1961 is as early as any Grand Theft Auto game has been set to date.

GTA London 1961 is somewhat difficult to play, in that it's only available for PC, and requires GTA London 1969 and the original Grand Theft Auto to be installed. Not only that, but the original Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 disk must be used to boot the game, and does not work with the disk included in the GTA: Classics Collection.

Facts & Figures

Developed By
DMA Design (Rockstar North), Tarantula Studios, Rockstar Canada, Runecraft

Published By
ASC Games

Microsoft Windows

Release Dates
1 June 1999

Player Features
Single Player, Multi-Player