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Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 Cheats

To enter the following cheats into the game, enter them as a name on the character select screen. You can enter multiple different names one-by-one to enable multiple cheats.

PC Cheats

Cheat NameCheat Effect
iamgodPress * for 10 X Multiplier and all weapons
travelcardUnlock All Levels
super wellUnlock All Levels
flashmotorUnlock All Levels
rommelDebug Mode
6661970Infinite Lives
pieandmashInfinite Lives (Press * for all weapons)
drivebyFire your gun out the window of a car
psychadelicPress the horn button to change your car's colour
averyrichmanMaximum points (999,999,999)
hercMaximum points, press * for all weapons, drive-by mode enabled
iamfilthNo Cops
titheadNo Cops
asawindowPress * for all weapons
deathtoallPress * for all weapons
uaintnuffinAll weapons with infinite ammo and some powerups

Playstation Cheats

Cheat NameCheat Effect
SIDEBURN5 X Multiplier
BIGBEN9,999,990 Points
HAROLDHANDEnable All Cheats
RazzleUnlock All Levels
READERWIFEUnlock All Levels
FREEMANSUnlock all levels, all weapons, infinite ammo, Get Out Of Jail Free card, body armor, 5 X multiplier
GETCARTERUnlock all levels, all weapons, infinite ammo, Get out of jail free card, body armor, 99 lives, 5 X multiplier, maximum wanted level, display co-ordinates
SORTEDUnlock all levels, all weapons and infinite ammo
DONTMESSAll Weapons and Get Out Of Jail Free Card
TOOLEDUPInfinite Ammo, Armor and a Get Out of Jail Free card.
MAYFAIRUnlock Level 2
PENTHOUSEUnlock Level 3
OLDBILLMaximum Wanted Level
SWEENEYShow Coordinates