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iGrandTheftAuto Podcast 2 Released!

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iGrandTheftAuto Podcast 2 Released!This week's podcast "Gay Tony and I" has just been released and is available for viewing! This week we cover The Ballad of Gay Tony complete with trailers, information, screen shots, and discussion! This week's guest is OptimumPx, a moderator from iGrandTheftAuto.com

Click here for the transcript, mp3, and more!

online TreeFittyactivity 2888 Days Ago
online Massacreactivity 2888 Days Ago
Sweet. Nice job Qbert.
online yensedactivity 2887 Days Ago
So Thats what Q sounds like.. Nice work man!
online Psyactivity 2887 Days Ago
Awesome job. I can see this getting better every week. Nice work QD. smile.gif
online ThomasHactivity 2887 Days Ago
Awesome I won! ^^
online Qdeathstaractivity 2887 Days Ago
yep, all you have to do is PM me and i'll get you the details, wicked.
online ThomasHactivity 2887 Days Ago
Done Qdeathstar. smile.gif
online RamzKillaactivity 2887 Days Ago
Congrats W1ckeD. smile.gif
online Pitbullactivity 2887 Days Ago
Very nice QD. 10 times better than the 1st. You got some skill dude.
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