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Lazlow On BBC Radio 1xtra Rampage Show

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Rockstar have mentioned on Twitter that Lazlow is going to be on BBC Radio 1xtra on the Rampage show today between 10 AM and 1 PM GMT discussing Episodes From Liberty City. Any members in the UK (or possibly any members worldwide who are awake at that time) can listen to the show on the BBC website. We'll try to get a recording of the show onto the site for download for anyone who misses it.
online Psyactivity 3588 Days Ago
Just caught the end of the part of the show with Lazlow, but it was pretty funny. Sounded just he did in the game. Said if it was up to him, he'd sell the rights to GTA the movie for £2,000 haha. Also said Rockstar don't make games for children with small cuddly animals. They make games for adults, the sort of game where you'd cut the cute animals in half with a sword then hang out with a prostitute smile.gif
online Massacreactivity 3587 Days Ago
Here's hoping this ends up in the downloads, I'd like to hear this.
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