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The Nightlife of Gay Tony

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The Nightlife of Gay TonyRockstar has updated their official Ballad of Gay Tony website with a whole new section covering the nightlife of Liberty City in their upcoming game!

We've got new information on the Clubs, the Dancing, the Drinking, and Club Management!

There are three new Clubs being introduced in the game that Luis can enter and party the night away:

'Where evolution stops and the party starts! Algonquin's premier club venue for the relentless party tunes and fist-pumping steroid beats.'

'A private venue for after dinner drinks catering exclusively to members and their friends. If you did not know that, you are unlikely to get in.'

'Accept no substitute. Hercules, the original Muscle Mary. A slice of Olympus here on Earth. Dance with the gods while Rome is burning.'

Dancing the night away is as easy as one, two, three! This will most likely be similar to the dancing minigame seen in GTA: San Andreas. Of course the better you can bust a move the more the ladies will love you! Wallflowers need not apply.

The Drinking minigame will take place in the ever-popular Maisonette 9. You can pop a few bottles of expensive champagne and see how many you can swill without losing your lunch, or you can spray it over the entire crowd. After all, nothing says class like wasting a $1000 bottle!

As one of the Tony's Club Managers it will be up to Luis to keep everyone in attendance in line. This means, of course, dealing with unruly patrons (as the need arises), as well as taking care of the elite celebrities attending the clubs.
online DuffManactivity 3504 Days Ago
lol @ Roman in the last pic. Wonder if we get to beat the shit outta him.
online Psyactivity 3504 Days Ago
The bird in front of Roman is pretty smart wink.gif
online RamzKillaactivity 3503 Days Ago
lol @ Roman in the last pic. Wonder if we get to beat the shit outta him.

LOL That would be some comical shit.
online TwoFacedTanneractivity 3502 Days Ago
Didnt he wear that to his wedding? The cheap bastard.
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