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Xbox Event Recap and PS3 Event coming Friday

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Rockstar Games has posted many images from the Ballad of Gay Tony Xbox multiplayer event a week ago. In addition to that, they have also announced a new event for the PS3 community for GTA IV this Friday, February 5th from 4-7 PM EST. There are plans for other regular events for the PS3 and Windows LIVE as well. Check out all the screenshots and read the news for yourself here.

Quote: Rockstar
Thanks to all of the returning regulars and bloodthirsty n00bs who turned up at our most recent Social Club Multiplayer Event on Xbox LIVE on January 22nd and helped turn it into yet another free-for-all afternoon of spirited pandemonium. We’ll be announcing a full calendar of events for the coming months soon, but know that we’re already gearing up plans to bring the ruckus to PlayStation Network and Games for Windows LIVE in the wake of the recent announcement of Episodes from Liberty City coming to PlayStation 3 and PC. Beginning with a Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Event on PSN to start warming up, this coming Friday late afternoon from 4 – 7 PM Eastern. Look for more details on that to be announced here by mid-week.

Also a reminder that igrandtheftauto.com will be having a bi-weekly PS3 members' deathmatch this Monday Night. Click here for details

online deadactivity 3456 Days Ago
Look at them, just look at them! Late with the ideas again! tongue.gif
online deadactivity 3456 Days Ago
Almost forgot, our very own GermanScientist got a mention in in that match review. Well done mate! cool.gif
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ConQueSteD is there as well (I2un N Gun TZA).
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Thought he was I2un 2 Gun or something but you're right it is ConQueSteD.

So it seems it's not too impossible to actually join one of these Rockstar multiplayer events, I'll keep an eye on them to find out what you have to do.
online TreeFittyactivity 3456 Days Ago
On the social club event page it tells you on the bottom right (for the xbox last I looked but it's probably about the same).

and yeah i thought his name was I2un N Gun on here. His name history is clear though. Maybe another account that was deleted. tongue.gif
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Almost forgot, our very own GermanScientist got a mention in in that match review. Well done mate! cool.gif

Yeah, well... I've been playing at all social club 360 events, and even all events before they was called social club multiplayer events... And if i haven't been able to play (such as if the events are on the Ps3 or PC) i've always been at the streaming page chatting it up with the guys on there...

So i can easily speak with the guys at the events, and i guess they all know kind of who i am...

I've gotten more mentions aswell... Some retweets and one example is this, in the event calendar:

360 players we’ve fought, shot, co-op’d, and formed bromances with over the past few months, not to worry - we’ll still be jumping on to Xbox LIVE periodically to mess with you too – including a special Midnight Club LA session... our lead feet have been itching to race...

From The Social Club Multiplayer Events Calendar

Quite funny. smile.gif

And regarding the feature in this event recap... Not too weird... The first half of the first game i spent chasing GwRockstar3, the streaming guy, and i was out to make some sweet action-scenes for the guys watching at the streaming page... And the rest of the game we teamed up and was like the best action duo ever, dodging Buzzard rockets, jumping out of burning cars just to realize the only way to get away alive is to jump of the Algonquin Bridge together... Then we took the Tug boat to safety as GwRockstar3 stood at the back of it shooting rockets at the chasing Buzzard. smile.gif

Seeing as we spent so much time together in the game i almost knew i would be mentioned.
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