New York Times publish review on BOGT

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The New York Times has published their review of Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, calling it "one of those great, rare games in which you can lose yourself for hours just exploring and discovering new things to do." Here's a brief passage:

"With Gay Tony, Rockstar Games has gleefully ripped the final vestiges of plausible realism away from Liberty City in favor of over-the-top action including skydiving off the Empire State Building and engaging in helicopter dogfights over the city.

And you’ll be conducting your escapades in style. The original G.T.A. 4 and Lost and Damned spent most of their time in the gutter of the criminal world — with street trash, drug peddlers in the projects and filthy packs of coked-out bikers. Now you get to hang out with coked-out kingpins in their penthouses. Exotic cars and weapons are easy to come by. Instead of the thrash metal of Lost and Damned, the soundtrack in Gay Tony is mostly cool lounge tunes and disco dance numbers. Lost and Damned was gritty; Gay Tony is flashy and not afraid to flaunt its assets."

Click here to read the rest of the review, which will also appear in tomorrow's printed edition.