SWAT Tank In Gay Tony!

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One of our fellow affiliate GTA fansites, GTACrew.net have received Official Xbox Magazine Spain's new issue, which features a bit of new information on The Ballad of Gay Tony. Inside are a number of new screenshots, and a few new pieces of information.
  • New vehicles spotted so far include a light SWAT Tank and a luxury vehicle similar to a Rolls Royce Phantom.
  • The missions will be much more tense and feature more action than GTA4's because the gamers missed this.
  • New weapons include an AA-12 Pump Shotgun.
  • Two new minigames are mentioned:
    • Base Jumping (with the parachute, obviously)
    • Another which involves management of the club premesis where Luis will have to throw undesirables out of the club, or dance to keep people happy.
You can head over to their website for low quality scans of the new screenshots.

We'll post any further info when we get it. Stay tuned!