Coming Down

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Johnny gets a phone call from Ashley telling him she's in trouble and someone is going to kill her.

Come Quick, Baby

Make your way to the projects at the North end of Algonquin. Once you arrive, head up to the first floor. You'll be told to find Ashley. There are three rooms you can go into up here, and if you go in the wrong room, you'll probably end up having to kill it's occupants before they kill you.

Once you find the right room you'll need to kill three or four drug addicts. They'll drop a ton of cash when they die, which I suppose is payment for doing this mission.

Rescue The Girl

Once the room's secure and you've spoken to Ashley, you'll need to head back downstairs and take her home. There are no more enemies to worry about, so get on your bike and follow the GPS to her place near the Lost's club house.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • There's no reward for this mission, as you'd expect, so grab as much cash as you can from the dead drug addicts.
  • After the mission you may receive a call from Jim about taking part in gang wars.
  • You may also get another call from Jim telling you that the guy who wanted the Angel of Death bikes wants more vehicles. You need to call Angus for more details.