Three's A Crowd

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After Roman has been threatened by the Albanians and Niko has protected him in the cutscene, Roman ask you to collect Mallorie from the train station.

To The Station

Get in Romans car and follow your GPS to the Hove Beach train station where you'll find Roman's girlfriend Mallorie and her friend Michelle. Once you arrive, park the car in the marker and use your horn to attract the ladies attention. They'll both get in, and you're given instructions to take Michelle home.

Can I Get Your Number?

On the way to Michelle's apartment, Niko will be lucky enough to get Michelle's cell phone number. Drop her off at home and then after the phone call with Roman, you'll be told to head to the store and buy some new clothes.

High Fashion

Go into the Russian Store and choose any item of clothing and that will be good enough to impress Michelle. Your first item of clothing will be free, anything else will need to be paid for. Head outside and listen to the phone call with Roman once you've finished changing your appearance.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • After completing this mission, you can go back to the shop and buy more clothes.