It's Your Call

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Roman wants you take him to a hardware store on Dillon Street so he can do a spot of gambling and attempt to earn some money to pay back his debts.

Hardware Store

Get into his taxi and drive him to the Hardware Store using the GPS to direct you, then park out front and watch the cutscene. Roman will give you his old mobile phone, which for you, is a new upgrade. This gives you his number and also allows you to call people. He wants you to keep a look out for some Albanians who are after him.

The Albanians

After a short while, the Albanians will arrive, so bring up the cell phone and navigate through the menu to call Roman. Once he answers the call, he'll come running out of the building and jump in the car with you.


Once he's in the car, make your way back to his taxi rank quickly, but without hurting the loan sharks. Pull into the marker outside Roman's taxi depot once you arrive.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $30


Mission Tips

  • When you first arrive at the hardware store, try turning your car around 180º so you're facing the way you came. This way, you'll be able to escape from the Albanians quicker.