Mafiya Work and Team Mafiya Work

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Name: Mafiya Work/Team Mafiya Work
Players: 2-16 players
Teams: None/2-8
About: Complete contract work for the mafiya including escorts and stealing cars. The player or team with the most cash wins.


The following options are available for this mode:

  • Location- Liberty City, Alderney, Algonquin, Bohan, Dukes/Broker
  • Duration- 10/20/30/45/60 mins, $2500/5000/7500/10000/15000/20000 (/25000/50000 for Team Mafiya Work)
  • Team- 1-8 ~Team Mafiya Work Only
  • Friendly Fire- On, Off ~Team Mafiya Work Only
  • Auto-Aim- Allow, Disallow
  • Weapons- All, Weak, Standard, Powerful
  • Police- On, Off
  • Traffic- Parked, Low, Medium, High
  • Pedestrians- Off, Low, Medium, High
  • Blips- All, Near, Far, Leader, None, Team (Team Mafiya Work)
  • Online ID Display- On, Off
  • Reticule Health- On, Off
  • Voice Chat- On, Off, Proximity, Team Only (Team Mafiya Work)
  • Respawn Distance- Near, Medium, Far
  • Respawn Time- 1/5/10/15/20/25/30 seconds
  • Time of Day- Random, Morning, Midday, Evening, Midnight
  • Weather- Variable, Clear, Overcast, Drizzle, Rain, Foggy
  • Description- On, Off
  • Radio Station- Off, Select Radio Station
  • Kick Player- Select Player


  1. Armor is always useful.
  2. It can be beneficial to not rush into an objective and have to fend off other players who can take the prize.
  3. In Team Mafiya Work, split up duties between the objective and killing the opposing team.