A Dish Served Cold

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If you opted for Revenge, you'll be at the cargo ship. You need to infiltrate the ship, make your way down to the hold and kill Dimitri.

I'm Here!

Start by gunning down all of the enemies by the truck at the docks. They might look friendly from far away, but they'll shoot you when you get close. Once they're all dead, you'll need to kill all of the enemies on the ship. The best way to do this is to jump on the metal containers. They are stacked up, and I prefer to climb up onto the 3rd one, then use a carbine or sniper rifle to take out the enemies scattered along the boat.

Once they all look dead, head up the ramp and onto the boat. Go to the right and climb the ladder. You'll find some grenades and body armour up here which will come in very useful.

To The Bow

Make your way to the front of the ship, killing any enemies who you can find. If you stand on the upper cargo section down the middle of the boat it will give you more space to maneuver. Completely clear out this area of the boat, then head towards the entrance doorway.

The Kitchen

There'll be about five enemies in here, so take cover up against the wall and lean out and pick off the various enemies. There's a health pack right in front of the door, so that will come in useful. You can even run in, grab the health and take cover behind the kitchen stuff if you need to. You might remember this kitchen and the boat from the introduction video right at the start of the game!

Up The Stairs

Once everyone's dead, make your way up the stairs. You'll find another three or so enemies in here using cover, so use the stairs as cover and pick them off. If you have any grenades, I wouldn't suggest using them because of the small confined spaces, you'll probably end up killing yourself.

Take cover against the doorway and kill all of the guys here, then move into all of the rooms to the left and right and grab the ammo and the body armor. Move outside and towards the back of the ship. There'll be three or four guys waiting here for you, so lock on and kill them as quickly as you can. Take cover against the wall and move towards the stairs. Kill any enemies along here, then take out any up the stairs.

Climbing To The Bridge

Move up the stairs and hug the wall as you walk around to the right. There'll be another two or three enemies up here, so shoot them and continue up the stairs. Move up the smaller set of stairs too and take cover against the wall at the door entrance. Kill the guy in here, then move into the ships bridge. Grab the body armor from up here, then use the controls to open the doors to the hold.

Hold Open

Once the door to the hold is open, a bunch of new enemies will appear. If you head back outside, there'll be some you can lock onto towards the back of the ship and below you, then a few enemies who will be coming up the stairs behind you. Kill all which you can see, then make your way back down the steps. As you move, you'll need to kill people. Move slowly and always hug the wall. Make sure you move from cover to cover, don't just run straight out.

Head towards the door to get back inside and take cover against it. You'll need to pop out and kill the enemy in the doorway opposite, then take cover and look past the cabins to where the stairs are. On the far right cabin there'll be a guy with a shotgun, so kill him, then move through that area towards the stairs.

Back To the Kitchen

Head down the stairs aiming towards where the doorway is. There'll be two guys in this room or outside of the door. Lock on and pick them off, then when everything's secure, head on outside.

Dropping Into The Hold

Finish off any enemies outside, then make your way to the open doors leading into the cargo hold. Drop down onto the boxes below. Head to the back of those boxes and take cover behind them. Pick off the guy to the left and one to the right, then move forward into cover. There'll be two more enemies behind various crates, so pick your cover wisely and take them out, then progress forwards.

Hello Dimitri

A short cutscene will take over where Niko and Dimitri exchange words, then Dimitri sends three or four guys to take you out. Kill them, and Dimitri will be hidden behind a box at the back of the room. If you took my advice before the mission, you may have a Rocket Launcher. Simply fire a Rocket against the wall right behind him and you'll be able to watch the cutscene. If you don't have an RPG, try throwing a grenade. If that fails, just move in on foot and use cover to help you pick him off.

Goodbye Dimitri

After the cutscene, you'll be tasked with executing Dimitri. Enjoy it.

Exit The Ship

You now need to head upstairs to the cargo ship's exit. Go through the doorway not far from Dimitri's dead body, then head up the stairs. Move through the kitchen area and out onto the ship.

Mission Complete!


Mission Tips

  • Stay in cover at all times where possible.
  • Make sure you're fully stocked up on health and armour before boarding the ship.
  • Keep an eye out for health and armour pick ups, as well as free weapons from dead bodies.
  • Use grenades or an RPG to make easy work of Dimitri.
  • After the mission, Niko will call Roman and tell him what he's done. Roman will tell him he could have had models, hot tubs and lots of money, but at least Dimitri will not bother you again. He also says you'll need a suit so you can go to his wedding.
  • Phil will call you too and tell you that you can't talk to him anymore and that the Pegorino's are falling apart.
  • You'll then call Kate and tell her you took her advice. She'll tell you she's proud of you, then she'll tell you to pick her up from her ma's so you can take her to the wedding.