Spawn Outside Safehouse After Loading (iPhone)

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Originally found by a guy called JTurn711 on GameSpot's forums.

This is a pretty simple glitch where instead of spawning inside the safe house and having to exit it when you first start up the game, you can spawn outside on the street on Rotterdam Hill.

To do this:
  • Start up the game on your iPhone (possibly works on iPod Touch).
  • When the copyright text screen comes up, keep tapping your finger on the part of the screen that the "jump" icon would usually be found. It's about an inch diagonally from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • As soon as you spawn, you'll be on the street instead of in the safe house, and it's safe to continue playing, as you'll still have all of your weapons and unlocks.

Here's an image just to help you, even though this is pretty damn simple.