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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars introduced new characters to the series.

Huang Lee


Huang is the spoiled son of a murdered Triad boss who travels to Liberty City to deliver his family's sword to his Uncle Kenny and keep their claim in the gang's leadership. If only it was that easy for him.

Uncle Wu "Kenny" Lee


Huang's Uncle Kenny is truly old school. He likes wearing nice suits and getting paid in cash. Kenny wants to become the leader of the triads and uses Huang to help him achieve that.



Trained in martial arts and deadly with firearms, Ling is Uncle Kenny's surprise muscle. She must train Huang to be the best he can be in order to save his family and himself.

Hsin and Chan Jaoming


Hsin Jaoming has been the leader of Liberty City's Triad gangs for over twenty years. Now he is searching for his successor to take his place. Unfortunately, his son Chan is a worthless and stupid playboy with no good future.

Zhou Ming


Zhou is new to Liberty City's Triads but seeks to replace Hsin Jaoming. He is audacious, egotistical, sociopathic, and will do anything he needs to get the top spot.

Wade Heston


LCPD's finest corrupt narcotics detective on a mission to find out who ratted him out. Wade joins Huang, who also was set up, and together they do some exterminating.

Rudy D’Avanzo


An Italian mobster who is also being ratted out and seeks the help of Huang because there is no one else around him he can trust.

Lester Leroc


This Elvis with an appetite is a private investigator infiltrating biker gangs in Liberty City. His many drug connections makes him of use to Huang.

Melanie Mallard (PSP Edition)


Melanie is a reporter looking to make her big break capturing the Triad's rule of Liberty City's drugs on camera. She has made a deal with Chan Jaoming and Huang is told to escort her around to capture the action.