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The soundtrack of Chinatown Wars is different than that of the other GTA games. The radio stations are comprised of single artists or record labels which are typically the station names and the music is solely instrumental. There are neither radio station hosts nor are there advertisements.

Opening title music is "Chinatown Wars" by Ghostface Killah and MF Doom.

The original DS version of the game features 5 stations. The PSP version added 6 additional stations. The original stations are:

StationArtist/LabelFeatured Artist(s)
Prairie CartelThe Prairie CartelThe Prairie Cartel
Truth+SoulTruth and Soul RecordsBronx River Parkway, El Michels Affair, Lee Fields & The Expressions, Bronx River Parkway feat Jose Parla & The Candela All Stars, Bronx River Parkway feat The Candela All Stars, The Expressions, Cosmic Force
Deadmau5Deadmau5BSOD, Deadmau5 Ft. MC Flipside, Deadmau5
AlchemistThe Alchemist & Oh NoGangrene

The following stations were added for the PSP:

StationArtist/LabelFeatured Artist(s)
DJ KhalilDJ KhalilDJ Khalil
SinoWav FMCRC JianianRen Tongxiang, He Xunyou, Central Traditional Orchestra, Wang Changyuan, China Central Folk Music Orchestra, Zhu Runfu
Turntables on the HudsonTurntables on the HudsonNickodemus, Nickodemus & Osiris, Zeb, Nickodemus & Quantic, Nickodemus & Zeb
DFADFA RecordsAltair Nouveau, Walter Jones, Mogg & Naudascher, The Juan MacLean, Plastique De Rêve, Skatebård, Max Brannslokker, Strangelets