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Playstation Network To Receive GTA Franchise?

online Psy & bOnEsactivity 3577 Days Agorockstaraffiliates 2160 Viewsforums 9 Comments
A rumour (and we stress, a rumour) on a website called PS Insider suggests that Rockstar may be working on a deal with Sony to allow downloads of all of their earlier GTA games on The Playstation Network.

They mention no sources whatsoever, and incorrectly explain that the PS3 would be the only console to be able to play ALL GTA Games (err... Apart from GTA Advance, Chinatown Wars, Lost and Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony...).

But anyway, if you want to jump on the GTA speculation train, head over and view the article at psinsider.

Personally I think they just made up the whole thing, but you can decide smile.gif
online DuffManactivity 3577 Days Ago
Read it earlier, sounded like complete bullshit, so I didn't post it.

If it is true, I can see Sega fucking it up completely. Remaking III/VC/SA with high-resolution textures will take some doing. Wouldn't put it past them to do GTA I/2/London, but not the 3D games.

Considering you can pick up III/VC/SA for a couple of quid, and GTA 1 and 2 for free, for PC, I can't see them making much money out of it either. After BOGT, it's all about GTA5.
online bOnEsactivity 3577 Days Ago
well, for those who don't have backwards compatibility on their PS3, this would be huge news... but, i've seen lots of other games jumping on this bandwagon in an effort to make some more money off of their older titles that aren't selling anymore... it's a money making opportunity... god of war has jumped in on this, and it's just a matter of time before someone like R* jumps in as well...

i mostly believe the article because, i've been hearing the rumors of R* and sony working on an exclusive deal with one of their existing franchises... grand theft auto is the obvious choice...
online zeeshan810activity 3577 Days Ago
I personally think this is FAKE.
online The Awesome Oneactivity 3577 Days Ago
As long as they dont get the new ones (Something I believe that 50 million will have something to do with) I do not care.
online Kamahlactivity 3577 Days Ago
i doubt its true, but it would be nice...
online IllusionGTAHQactivity 3577 Days Ago
I read something about it a few days ago about how Microsoft is looking to buy out EA, so Sony has to keep up, so the rumors are saying Rockstar is the one Sony will buy up.

I also didn't wanna post it on our site cause of flaming lol!!! I think there is no truth to it. At least I hope not.
online The Awesome Oneactivity 3576 Days Ago
^R* wont do it, cause if its money their after, Microsoft are the ones to go with. I cant ever see GTA becoming exclusive now. I can see the past GTA games going exclusive. Wouldnt that mean GTA:SA will removed from the xbox marketplace?
online bOnEsactivity 3576 Days Ago
yea, this is about the past games... the newer ones have to be multiplat, if they want to make some money... but, the older ones can go to the playstion store... they've been out for years now and probably not selling anymore... re-releasing them on the playstation network would probably net some more money but, they would have to be re-coded to work... and if there's trophies added to the re-release then, it would make others who have beaten them 100% to go back and do it again biggrin.gif... trophies have to be added i think...

god of war I & II are doing this, upgrading the graphics to high-def and adding trophies as well... i don't see why R* wouldn't do the same... there's probably other franchises as well ready to do it...

here's one who's doing it too... a blast from the past, earthworm jim...

just look at that screenshot included in the article... there's a market for this... seriously...
online RamzKillaactivity 3559 Days Ago
I would love to see this because I'm a trophy whore that can't get trophies. dry.gif But GTA is my shit. I can platinum them no problem. Just like GTA IV. smile.gif
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