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Liberty City Streetview

online TreeFitty & Nanookactivity 2970 Days Agoaffiliates 3302 Viewsforums 5 Comments
Those crazy folks over at GTA4.net have created a Google Street View equivalent for Liberty City in GTA IV.


Thousands of screen shots have been put together to allow you to move around the map as you would on Street View.

I can't quite work out if it's an amazing achievement or an amazing waste of time, either way it's definitely worth checking out Liberty City Street View.

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online Psyactivity 2970 Days Ago
It's certainly impressive and a lot of work must have gone into it, but it's a few years too late to be any real use. Also it's easier and more fun to just stick in GTA IV and drive around yourself, but it's still a great achievement by the GTANet team smile.gif
online Nanookactivity 2970 Days Ago
I agree, an amazing creation that's absolutely pointless!
online demonactivity 2970 Days Ago
This is awesome.
online GTA Gangster77activity 2970 Days Ago
Just like Google Earth
online TreeFittyactivity 2970 Days Ago
I'm sure ^that's^ their next step. biggrin.gif
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