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Presenting iGTA5.com

online Psyactivity 3051 Days Agoaffiliates 14261 Viewsforums 1 Comments
Presenting iGTA5.comWe've just launched our newest website, specifically aimed at Grand Theft Auto 5 news and speculation. I could take the time to explain what it's all about here, but why not just head over to iGTA5.com and read the latest news.

We have new forums over there which you'll need to register for (even if you already have an account here), but I think you'll find it's worth it when you see the new features.

See you over there!

- Psy
online alooper21activity 3047 Days Ago
with a new site ready to receive the masses, will this one end up abandoned, just like gtasanandreas.com? i somehow get attached to them, and it kind of lets me down to realise that they're bound to become no more than rusty old places. because eventually there'll be an igta6, leaving the now newest website in dust. so whay moving the comunity with every new gta?
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