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LEGO Three Leaf Clover Diorama 1 by Rohin Bhatia

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LEGO Three Leaf Clover Diorama 1 by Rohin Bhatia

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Category: GTA IV
Section: Fan Artwork
Caption: A cop takes a hit from the robber in this Three Leaf Clover-inspired diorama. From Rohin: "Recently I took part in Polycounts VG Remix Competition, whereby you have to make a diorama of a game using Sketchfab, which allows people to see 3D models in a web browser. For my entry I decided to make a diorama on the train station in GTA IV during the three leaf clover mission whereby Packie, Derek and Niko are on one platform and the other are the cops. As the competition is about remixing games with other styles and so fourth, I decided to remix GTA with the Lego Universe."
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