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Two-Hand Toss

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Asuka wants you to break the arm of one of the Vice City Mamba's football team so the Liberty City Cocks have it easier and she wins a lot of money betting on the game.

Go Cocks!

You're only allowed to use your fist or a bat to damage the VC Mamba's player, and you're not allowed to injure any other players.

Make your way to the stadium and walk into the middle of the field where they're practicing. The guy will challenge you to a fight, so either punch or bat him. He'll chase after you, and so will his teammates, but since you were told not to injure them, I kept sprinting away from them. He'll usually be the fastest one so he'll be the nearest one to you, so keep whacking him then run away from the rest of them until he complains about his broken arm.

Asuka will tell you to get away from them, so drive south for a few hundred meters and you'll be rewarded.

Go Cocks!

Mission Passed!
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