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In The Crosshairs

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Bulgarin wants you to goto a building in Algonquin and protect Timur.

Head In A Box

Make your way to the building in Algonquin. As you arrive, you'll see a cutscene where Bulgarin calls Luis and tells him to open a box. You find out it's the head of one of the guys you worked with in the diamond deal. Shortly after, a few sniper rounds narrowly miss Luis' head as Bulgarin says he's going to kill you and Gay Tony.

When a sniper fires a shot at you, they'll show up on the radar. You need to discover where they are and take them out. There's pretty much one in each direction. It's quite obvious where they are when you see the tracer flying past you.

Once all four snipers are dead, Luis finds the door locked and a helicopter, plus a few cars full of assassins show up. You need to make your way across the rooftop and escape down a fire escape. Unfortunately you'll have countless enemies to take out before you can do that.

Kill the guys in the helicopter, and if you have any sticky bombs, try to take the helicopter down. Then kill the people on the next few rooftops along. You'll find armor when you climb onto the next roof along. Continue along the rooftops, taking out the enemies as you go. You can take out the snipers in the distance, but they'll keep coming back, so you're better off ignoring them.

Once you get to the final rooftop, kill the enemies visible from there, then look down and kill a bunch of the guys on foot next to the cars below.

Make your way to the fire escape and head down it, picking off any remaining enemies as you go. Once you get to the bottom, grab a vehicle and get to a few blocks away.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $6000

Mission 100% Completion Criteria

In order to get 100% completion for this mission you need to fulfil the following criteria:
  • Time: 04:30
  • Player Damage: 40%
  • Headshots: 10
  • Accuracy: 60%
  • 4 Shots, 4 Snipers

Mission 100% Completion Tips

Because of the number of enemies to kill, the time limit is fairly difficult, especially if you end up low on health so you need to be careful. Try to maintain your body armor so that you don't lose any health, which will help you pass the Player Damage objective. Getting ten headshots should be easy with the number of enemies around. You should really get 4 straight at the start with the snipers. And if you do get 4 with the snipers, and don't miss any shots, you'll complete the other challenge too.
online Harry Lloydactivity 3421 Days Ago
Sorry, but where did you get the idea you can use a taxi?

I tried it half an hour ago, and it didn't work, just as spawning a chopper din't.

After that I managed to make a fast trip with a car without crashing, used the explosive shotgun to quickly kill all enemies, and left the area using a nearby car. I got 4:10 and the achievement unlocked, as this was my last mission.

Don't waste time using taxis, people. I suggest removing those suggestions from other guides.

If anyone needs help with other missions, I'll be happy to give you some tips. I'm overflowed with joy right now.
online Psyactivity 3421 Days Ago
Yeah those guides were written 8 months ago when I had to rush through the whole game and write up the missions over the space of a weekend... Hence a few factual innaccuracies. I appreciate the corrections though. One day I'll go through and correct the taxi mistakes but I'm a bit too busy right now.
online LuisKlebitzactivity 3415 Days Ago
Harry Lloyd , I need some help in this mission (In The Crosshairs).
until now iv'e managed to do all the missions in 100% . but on this mission I only get 90%. I do it a lot of times and every time I only get 90% !!!!!!!!!! please I need help cause I don't wanna ruin the 100% mission success sequence (in every mission) so please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
online TreeFittyactivity 3385 Days Ago
I keep getting gypped with the 4 sniper shots... did it many times. mad.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 3385 Days Ago
^okay, I watched the entire clips of the guys falling, and that seemed to give me the 4 shots objective.
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