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The title does most of the talking, however I'd just like to officially launch, a website which has been under construction for the last... 48 hours!

Red Dead Redemption, as you should already know is Rockstar Games' latest creation and something that I personally think will be one of, if not THE game of this year. As a result, with around a month until it's release, I decided to set up an fansite for the game.

You can check it out at


If uses the same engine and content management system to this website, however it's been slightly modified and some of the community features have been stripped out.

If you have an account here on, you will be able to log into without any problems. We're continuing to use the iGTA forums however, so you'll have to jump back and forth between the websites if you wish to get involved in discussions about the game.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think about the site.

See the news article on with regards to affiliating with us.