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Do you run a website about GTA, Rockstar Games, or just video games in general? iGrandTheftAuto are looking to affiliate with as many websites as possible in order to improve our network. If you'd like to affiliate, all you need is a link and an 88x31 mini button logo for your website.

Check out our current affiliates.

If you have an account, you can submit an affiliate button from your User Control Panel, which will allow you to keep your link, website name or image up to date. Otherwise you can email Psy[AT] and send your:
  • Website Name
  • Website URL
  • Website Mini-Button

And I'll add it for you.

In special circumstances we may accept affiliate requests from non-gaming related websites, however this is completely our choice and each request will be dealt with individually.

In other news, if you didn't already know, using the domain iGTA.TV will bring you right to this site. Perfect for typing on a mobile device to save the entering the long URL wink.gif.