Website Features 2010: Notifications MK II

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If you saw the latest website update where we displayed notifications if anyone had commented on anything you submitted, then this update improves on that. Now you'll get a notification if anyone comments on something you've commented on.

So lets say for example:
  • You post a comment on a guide with a tip.
  • Someone else comes along and posts a correction or an alternate strategy.
  • You get a notification telling you someone else commented on the guide.
  • You go back and see what they wrote...

It's yet another feature I recreated based on Facebook, but it's something that will improve this website, so you can't really complain.

I've also re-added the ability to quote people's comments when you make a new comment on something. This was wiped accidentally when I added in the notifications. I also corrected a bug with this where quoting people's posts with colours in would totally glitch up.

Anyway, more features coming soon. I'm half way through coding comments on status updates, but there's still a fair bit of work to go on that, so you'll have to keep waiting a bit longer.