Max Payne 3 Online Chrome Weapons Unlocked

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As promised in response to the DLC delay, Social Club Members can now shoot in style with Chrome Weapons. You can now jump into the in-game Loadout menu and equip chrome variations for all guns that you have unlocked.


To access the chrome options, head into the Arsenal section of the Max Payne 3 multiplayer menus, and Modify one of your Loadouts. While hovering over one of your selected weapons, hit the button for Attachments where you'll be able to upgrade your weapon with all manner of handy add-ons. Select 'Chrome' and roll on out into the battle grounds, knowing that the highly reflective glint will be the last thing your enemies will see before succumbing to a vicious melee attack.

Stay tuned for additional special bonus upgrades coming soon - along with more information on the Max Payne 3 DLC Packs coming this fall. In the meantime check out Grand Theft Auto V!