New L.A. Noire Artwork: A Marriage Made in Heaven

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As seen on the official box art for L.A. Noire, check out the full wallpapaer of "A Marriage Made in Heaven" from Rockstar's upcoming crime thriller.


This is a depiction of the crime scene in L.A. Noire that Cole Phelps and his partner Stefan Bekowsky come upon in investigating the strange case of what appears at first to be a routine hit-and-run victim.

Get the "A Marriage Made in Heaven" desktop wallpaper, buddy icon or avatar from the Downloads section of either the Rockstar Games or L.A. Noire website. And for those that might prefer to adorn their physical spaces with this image, it's also available as a 22x28 inch poster from the Rockstar Warehouse! Join us at the next Grand Theft Auto forums!