PlayStation to get Exclusive L.A. Noire Content?

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Some retailers have recently updated their L.A. Noire box art images for the PlayStation 3. The change? A new bar stating "Exclusive Content" next to the "Only on PlayStation" tab. Check it our below...


The Xbox 360 cover art has no special content posted. Later this shot (found on GameTrailers here) of a TV commercial revealed more:


So it looks like PlayStation 3 owners will enjoy "Consul's Car Traffic Case" as an additional case to solve. Will the Xbox 360 get its own case? Looking at Red Dead Redemption, no. PlayStation users got exclusive content in the form of the Solomon's Folly Gang Hideout and the Walton Gang outfit.

After being questioned, Rockstar Games confirmed they would reveal info soon in a comment on their newswire. Load all comments if necessary, it is near the bottom.

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