IGN: GTA III's Best Easter Eggs

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Rockstar's games are littered with easter eggs. No, not the kind a bunny brings in the spring. Easter eggs are surprises found in games. They can be a sign with funny text or even references to other games and movies. IGN looks at some of them in Grand Theft Auto III with their article "GTA III's Best Easter Eggs":

The Pen 15 Club

If you bum around Liberty City's university, you'll eventually see a pedestrian carrying a pad of paper. Kill him, and you'll get a look at just what he was studying in school that day.

Shoot for the Moon

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, you need to shoot it with a sniper rifle. Do that in GTA III, and you get quite the surprise.

Sign of the Times

Exploring Liberty City is what GTA III was all about, but there were some places you were never supposed to want to go. If you did get off the beaten path, Rockstar let you know.

Vice City Here We Come

Perhaps the most blatant Easter Egg was a sign in Liberty City advertising Miami. The next game in the series would be GTA: Vice City, a carbon copy of Florida's Big M.


If you blew out the pane glass at Tw@ Cafe, you could find a rare indoor environment to use for a killing spree in GTA III. However, if you looked at two specific computer monitors, you also got a reference to the top-down GTAs that came before.

Undead Nightmare

The dead walk (and sing) in GTA III... at least according to the tabloids.

Of course these are only a few. What other easter eggs do you remember? Let us know in the comments below and join us at the Grand Theft Auto V forums!