Off Route

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Tom Stubbs needs you to free some voters who have been arrested and are currently on board a prison bus.

Don't Sweat It, Klebitz

Grab a vehicle and make your way to the prison bus' location in Northern Alderney. Once you arrive, you'll have to bust through the gates (or over them), and kill all of the cops. You'd expect there'd be a stealthy way to do this, but no. Kill everyone. There's about 3 cops by the entrance, then another 6 to 10 at the back. They shouldn't be too difficult to dispose of.

Approach the bus and you'll get into it and see a short cutscene where one of the prisoners starts eating a cop...

Lose The Cops

Your objective now is to outrun the police in your bus. It's pretty damn strong, so you don't need to worry about smashing it into stuff, but it's not exactly easy to maneuver because of it's size, and it's not the fastest vehicle in the world. You do have to physically outrun the cops too. There's no way the Pay N' Spray is going to respray a police prison bus.

The best solution is to make sure you keep altering your direction. Staying on straight roads will generally cause police to keep appearing, but if you keep turning away from them, you should be able to work your way outside the radius.

Drop 'Em Off

Once the police are gone, the prisoners will tell you where they need to be taken to. Make your way to the destination by following your GPS. It's right at the South of Alderney.

Once you arrive, you'll see a cutscene where the prisoners board a boat and escape, while someone else ditches the prison bus in the water.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $5000


Mission Tips

  • Remember not to drive in a straight line when trying to escape the cops.
  • Don't be afraid to smash through road blocks. The bus can take a hell of a beating.
  • After the mission, you'll get a text from Billy unlocking a new mission for him at the Lost's club house.