Jury Fury

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There's a bit of a problem at the lawyers. One of the Forellis' cousins is on trial for fraud and the jury might need a little persuading to find him innocent.

Stop!... Hammer Time!

As soon as the cutscene ends you step outside and a car speeds past and runs a pedestrian over. Oh, how convenient, he was holding a hammer... Well, why don't you take it! Pick it up and it should enter your inventory.

There are now 2 Yellow Dots on your radar; these are the jurors' cars. You have to scare them, but not kill them. Head to either of the cars first and begin to smash them up with your melee weapon. It's most likely it'll be the hammer, so use it! Work around the car, damaging almost every part of it. Once you've done enough, a small cutscene will follow featuring Tommy shouting a random phrase such as "Remember he's innocent". Then head to the other car and give it a good whack.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

When you get out of the car back near the Lawyer's office, you get a phone call from Sonny. He's still not happy. No change there. Following that, you should get a call from someone telling you to get to the pay phone near Washington Mall. Welcome to the Assassination missions.