Union Drive

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Bryce is being blackmailed about Bernie. Bernie wants to find them and scare them off.

Bang The Blackmailers

Grab a vehicle and make your way to Walnut Way in Northwood, to the rendezvous where you can meet with the blackmailers. Once you arrive, pull up into the space and watch the cutscene. Two guys will arrive and tell you that Dimitri Rascalov only asks once. They speed off to make their way back to him. You need to stop them.

The Chase Is On

Chase after them, but don't bother wasting your ammo on a drive-by. You can't kill them until they stop, so just keep chasing them, and eventually they'll pull over near some apartments. Get out of your car and kill them both, then get back into the car with Bernie and lose the cops.

Once you've escaped, drive Bernie back to his apartment.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $6250


Mission Tips

  • Dont waste ammo shooting the car, it can't be damaged until they've stopped. Just stay with it.
  • You might want to steal the Black Super GT after you've disposed of the enemies. To get Bernie to enter it with you, enter the car he's in, then get back out and go into the Super GT and he'll come with you.