Rigged To Blow

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After being introduced to Faustin's wife, and listening to a bit of her back story, Faustin arrives and wants you to deliver a truck to somebody.

Old Factory

After the cutscene, head outside and grab a vehicle. Make your way to the truck which is parked at the old factory. As per usual, follow your GPS to find the area a bit quicker.

Explosive Situation!

Once you get in the truck, Niko will call Faustin, who tells you the vehicle is full of explosives. He wants you to drive it to a garage on Bohan, so make your way there now. Drive carefully. Take too much damage and the vehicle can blow. The truck isn't very fast but it can't stop very quickly either so try not to get into too many accidents.

Once you reach the garage, park the truck inside it and then arm the bomb and enjoy the amazing explosion. Immediately after it, you'll need to run away from the garage. After a block or two you'll be free.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $700


Mission Tips

  • Enjoy the random conversation between Niko and Roman where Niko explains they he can't drive a truck full of explosives while he's drunk.