Portrait Of A Killer

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The agent at UL Papers wants you to kill a target in order for you to not be arrested for all of the murders you've committed.

Picture Message

Once you're outside, you'll soon receive a text message with a picture. This shows the guy the agent wants you to kill. Steal a Police car (try dialing 911), then use the onboard computer to search by photo.

Adam Dimayev

Upon uploading the photo, you'll discover that the guy you're after is called Adam Dimayev and he is wanted for Financing Terrorist Activity. You can set the marker on your GPS to take you straight to him, so do that and then make your way there.

Take Them Out

As you arrive, you'll see plenty of guys guarding the area. If you still have a sniper rifle from earlier missions, or you've bought one, use it to pick off as many guys as you can. Once you've taken them out from a distance, move in, stick to cover and pick off the enemies one by one as you make your way through the containers. Once you've taken out all of his body guards, Adam will surrender. Walk up to him and execute him in which ever way you see fit, or you can walk away from him and let him live. Regardless of your choice, it won't effect anything further in the game.

Mission Complete!
Reward: $6750


Mission Tips

  • A few well placed grenades are a great way of clearing out plenty of these enemies all at once.