Out Of The Closet

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Roman and Brucie want to set you up on a date with a gay guy. They've set up a profile for you, so head to the internet cafe to get started.

PART 1: Arranging The Date

The guy you're hooking up with is called FrenchTom. Log onto the internet and visit love-meet.net. Find the guys profile and send him a message to date him. You might also wish to check out Niko's own profile which is a good laugh.

Once you've sent the date request, you'll be told to log off the internet, so close it and head outside. You'll need to let a bit of time pass before you'll receive a reply. I suggest maybe saving your game a few times which will advance the game by 6 hours each time you do it.

PART 2: Invite Accepted

Roman will text you and let you know that you should check your email. Visit [email protected] and you'll see that FrenchTom has accepted your invite and wants to meet you. The time and date will be stored in your cell phone.

PART 3: The Date

When it's time, your phone will remind you to meet up with French Tom. Head to the 69th street diner and go inside. Sit down with him and listen to what he says. Whenever you want to, stand up and get out a weapon, then blast him a few times and Niko is no longer gay!

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • A shotgun in the face does an alright job of ending French Tom's life.