One Last Thing

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Jimmy tells you he wants you to work with Dimitri Rascalov on a deal to sell the drugs to the Russians. He forces you to say you'll do it. Once you head outside, Niko will call Roman. Roman tells you to work with Dimitri because you need the money. Niko then calls Kate and asks her opinion. She tells him that he shouldn't compromise what he believes in for money.

Accept The Deal, Or Take Revenge?

It's up to you to choose. Accept the deal, or go out for revenge and kill Dimitri?

CHOICE 1: Accept The Deal

Accept the deal by heading to the Cash icon on the map. You will be left in a warehouse with Phil and will need to kill plenty of enemies to get some cash from the Russians. The eventual outcome is that Roman will be killed at his wedding.

CHOICE 2: Take Revenge

Accept the revenge mission by heading to the dagger icon. You will need to fight your way to the bottom of a ship and kill Dimitri. The eventual outcome is that Kate McReary will be killed at Roman's wedding.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • Stock up on ammo, health and armour before accepting the mission. Regardless of which option you choose, you're still going to need it!
  • I suggest making a backup save of your game now so that you can reload and replay the mission and try the alternate ending to the game.