I Need Your Clothes Your Boots And Your Motorcycle

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Gerry wants you to do some gimp work for the Pegorino's. He says you'll need to disguise yourself as an Albanian. Fortunately for you, he has a dead Albanian stuffed in his freezer, and it appears that Niko wears the same size clothes!

To The Meet

After the cutscene, head around the corner and get onto the bike. Once Niko's put his helmet on, make your way to the meeting point using your GPS to guide you there quicker.

After the cutscene, Frankie will try to escape on a bike, so chase him and take him out. There are a few opportunities where you'll get close enough to actually shoot him, so make the most of these and drive-by him to hell.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $9250


Mission Tips

  • Frankie will slow down during the chase at a few points. This is where you should attempt to kill him.
  • Save your ammo when he's too far ahead.
  • Remember that the bike can handbrake turn fairly well, which should enable you to stay with him through the tight streets.