Easy Fare

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Roman needs you to be a taxi driver for the day seeing as he's busy. He's got a fare that needs picking up from Rotterdam Hill.

Picking Up The Passenger

Get into Roman's Taxi and follow your GPS to the passengers location. Once you've got him, he'll ask you to take him to Masterson Street, so follow your GPS, as usual, and head there now. Park in the garage area, and Jermaine will check out an open door. The cops will suddenly appear and you'll need to lose a two star wanted level.

Escaping The Cops

Follow the road behind the garage, and then take the right. You need to get out of the flashing blue and red cone on your radar. The best way to lose them I find is to head to the beach, and possibly drive along the pier. Either way, do whatever it takes to get outside of the wanted radius, then stay still for about 5 seconds and you'll lose your wanted level.

Pay N' Spray

Once that's done, take Jermaine to his new location on the map, the Pay N' Spray. Once you arrive you'll receive a small piece of information about the Pay N' Spray, stating that it will allow you to lose the cops (only if they don't see you enter) and repair your vehicle. Time will advance 3 hours however.

Once Jermaine is out of your car, you'll call Roman.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $100


Mission Tips

  • The best way to lose the cops is to find a long street and just keep your foot down on the gas. Once you manage to speed out of their radius, it's best to stop, or pull into an alley way to make sure no other police find you while you're waiting.