Blow Your Cover

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A big deal is going down and Elizabeta wants as many people involved as possible. She introduces you to Playboy X and tells you he'll be coming with you on this mission.


Playboy wants you to take him to the contacts apartment, so grab a car and follow the GPS which will lead you right there. If you crash your car a lot while riding with Playboy X, it may remind you a hell of a lot of CJ from GTA San Andreas. Once you reach the destination you'll be told that the room is on the third floor. Head up the stairs with Playboy. Walk into the open apartment and watch the short cutscene with the dealer.


You'll soon find out that a number of the guys in with the deal are undercover cops, so kill them. Take cover and keep popping off bullets until the two in your room are dead. You'll then need to head upstairs. As you approach the stairs, two NOOSE guys will shoot at you, so take them out as quickly as you can, then make your way up the stairs. There are two more NOOSE guys waiting for you up there, so be aimed and ready looking at the top of the stairs to take out the first guy, and then face backwards as you climb the stairs to take out the next cop.

Once they're dead you'll need to head on up to the next floor. Kill the police up here, and move on up to the roof top. Kill the two cops in cover here, then the two or three more who will make their way onto the roof. Grab the body armour if you're running low on health. In fact, grab it regardless.

Going Down

Make your way down the stairs from the rooftop and you'll get a two star wanted level. Playbox X wants you to get him home, so make your way down through the building back to ground level. A few cops will make their way up the stairs as you come down, so my advice is to always be in free aim mode so that you can shoot the cops as soon as you see them.

The Playboy Mansion

Once you get outside, there's a bike parked to the left. Get on that and jump down onto the freeway. Avoid any cops and make your way off the wanted radius. Once you've lost the police you can drive Playboy X back to his place. It's quite a long drive, so make sure you don't crash too much and die or you'll have to do the whole thing again, as I found out when trying to do a wheelie on the bridge back to Playboy's apartment. It was funny watching Niko bounce all the way down the bridge in his helmet though.

Once you get to his apartment, park outside and watch the cutscene.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $2000


Mission Tips

  • After the mission, Playboy X becomes a contact.
  • All roads and bridges to Algonquin are now open!
  • Roman has another taxi cab business, re-opening your ability to call cabs from him.