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Derrick wants you to drive a boat out to sea for him. He's meeting a Korean contact called Kim who he's going to smuggle in on a boat, along with a load of fake hundred dollar bills.


Make your way to the boat out at sea. After the short cutscene, you'll need to follow Kim's boat. Not long into the journey, a bunch of other boats will jump in and try to attack Kim. Keep close to Kim, and drive-by the other boats. Derrick will assist with the shooting too. Try shooting the boats drivers in the head which will stop the boats, rather than wasting a lot of ammo trying to blow them up.

Blow Up The Bird

Not far down the line you'll see a chopper. Derrick tells you there's a rocket launcher in the back, so stand up and grab it. Aim at the helicopter and take it down, then you'll need to waste the rest of the tailing boats. A good idea is to use the rocket launcher to take out the rest of the boats if you have any ammo left.

Once they're all destroyed, get back into the drivers seat. Follow Kim's boat to the dock, then watch the short cutscene.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $7000


Mission Tips

  • When shooting down the helicopter, aim slightly in front of it, as it'll generally move as the rocket is in the air.
  • Remember to shoot at the boat drivers, not just the boats themselves.