Hot Wheels

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Vinnie explains that the Mafia are ready to help you get out of the city, but they need a real fast car. There's one at Atlantic Quays which you're going to acquire.

Hear The Banshee Roar

Grab a vehicle and make your way to the South of Portland. Once you reach Atlantic Quays, you'll find the Banshee parked in a car park. As you approach, a guy will appear telling you to pay the ticket for parking there. You need to leave no witnesses, so take him down. He's armed though, so be careful.

Once he's dead, jump in the car and you'll have a two star wanted level. You need to get to the pay n' spray which is a few blocks away, so follow your map. Once you reach the spray shop, drive into the blue marker. You'll lose the cops and your car will change color.

Now you need to head back to the North West of the island to your hideout. Once you arrive, pull into the blue marker and Vinnie will be happy.

Mission Passed!