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Vinnie is nowhere to be found in Chinatown. After the cutscene you'll receive a message from Vinnie telling you to get the getaway car from the hideout and meet him at Callahan Point.

Change Of Plans

Make your way a few blocks North to the hideout, where you'll find the vehicle parked outside.

Once inside, head South to a car park in Callahan Point where you'll find Vinnie.

As you approach his car, it'll explode, obviously killing him instantly. Then you'll be awarded with a 3 star wanted level. You need to make your way back North to the hideout to lie low for awhile, so get out of the car park and go back the way you came.

As you approach the hideout, Mike realizes it's probably not a good idea to lead the cops right back there. Drive away, and soon after you'll receive a message from 8-Ball telling you to lose the cops and meet him at his pad. I now suggest making your way to the Pay N' Spray to lose the cops, although you could go around collecting police bribes, but the likelyhood is that you'd end up running over police and just increase your wanted level.

Once you've been resprayed, or lost the cops another way, make your way North to 8-Ball's place.

Mission Passed!