Corner Kids

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Henrique and Armando are making a deal with a guy for some drugs and they want you to come along.

Docks Shootout

Make your way to the meeting point at the docks in Broker. When you arrive, you'll see a cutscene where the cops will arrive to bust the deal. The seller will run away, and you guys are trapped with about 20 cops in a stand off.

You're given an Automatic Shotgun, which is useful, but not really when enemies are behind cover. You can either wait for the police to fully move out from behind cover, or just switch to a single bullet weapon such as an SMG or Pistol and use it's increased accuracy to aim for the head.

Firstly kill the enemies behind the two parked police cars, if you have any grenades then they'll work great for blowing up the cars. Once the cops immediately behind those cars are taken care of, run to the cars and use them as cover. Keep popping up and taking out the cops when you can lock onto them. Once there's only a few left at the far end of the area, move closer to them and take them out on foot with auto-aim.

Henrique and Armando will blow up a wall, so move through the gap once they do and kill about 6 cops to your right, and three on the helipad above. The shotgun works well for the three enemies on the helipad, but I recommend grenades or an SMG to kill the enemies behind vehicles.

There are a few more enemies in front of you, so take them out too, then a mini-cutscene will kick in where a helicopter appears and starts shooting at you. You'll find an RPG in the back of the SWAT van, so use it to take down the helicopter.

Once it's down, grab a vehicle and make your way - wanted level free - back to H&A's place.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $2500

Mission 100% Completion Criteria

In order to get 100% completion for this mission you need to fulfil the following criteria:
  • Time: 07:50
  • Player Damage: 40%
  • Headshots: 20
  • Accuracy: 55%

Mission 100% Completion Tips

For the time limit, there is no vehicle damage so don't worry about scrapes and small hits. Next comes the shootout section of the mission. Stay in cover to not only keep your health - for the player damage objective - but also to improve your accuracy, which you should get by aiming for headshots. If you can keep a count of how many you have, that'll be a good idea, but if you try to kill every enemy with a headshot you'll pass that objective. You can also keep behind your friends to attract less bullets. After the wall is blown, the cops off to the right will not give chase but you may need the headshots.