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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's Characters

Tommy Vercetti

After 15 long years in prison the 'Harwood Butcher' is once again free. But the powers that be feel that it wouldn't be good for business to keep good ole' Tommy around Liberty City, so he's been sent off to spend time in the sunshine down in Vice City. But after his first crucial drug deal goes wrong it's up to Tommy to get back Don Forelli's money and the drugs. God help anyone who stands in his way.

Sonny Forelli

In 1986 Don Sonny Forelli is the most powerful Mafia boss in all of Liberty City, but while he's made a fortune in gambling, unions and the like he sees a growing gold mine in the narcotics industry. But after his major drug deal in Vice City goes south, he's going to be a very hard man to get along with.

Lance Vance

The Vance Brothers were once the go-to guys for drugs in Vice City, until older brother Victor bites the big on in a drug deal gone wrong. Now Lance is teaming up with Tommy to get revenge on his brother's killers... and just maybe become the huge city-wide hot shot he's always dreamed of becoming.

Ken Rosenberg

As the Forelli Family's main lawyer in Vice City Ken Rosenberg has a lot of weight on his shoulders. Too bad he's a neurotic halfwit who could defend an innocent man all the way to death row. Still, he at least keeps Tommy out of jail when the need arises.

Ricardo Diaz

The highly volatile, and extremely dangerous, drug lord of all of Vice City. He's been known to take out other groups trying to get a foothold in his territory, so perhaps Tommy should look into this little man's business to find out the location of his missing good.

Colonel Juan García Cortez

As a retired colonel there's nothing Juan needs to be doing besides relaxing on his yacht. It's a good thing for Tommy though that the good Colonel has major connections in the Vice City underworld.

Avery Carrington

This Texan has made a fortune as a real estate mogul... often acquiring land through less then legal means. After all, nothing brings down real estate prices quicker then a good old-fashioned gang war!

Umberto Robina

Leader of the Los Cabrones Cuban gang. He's in a long-term feud with the neighboring Haitian gang.

Auntie Poulet

The elderly leader of the Haitian gang hates the Cubans with a passion. Using her position as the gang's matriarch she has in her possession the means of controlling anyone she feels could make the Cuban problem go away.