San Fierro

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San Fierro Locations

This page contains information or comments on some of the locations you will find yourself in when visiting San Fierro in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. All of this information was gathered from the official site.

Juniper Hollow

San Fierro's residential district, famous for its steep streets, characteristic housing, and annoying liberals telling the rest of the world how to live.

Jizzy's Pleasure Domes

The premium place for adult entertainment. That most adult form of entertainment - Shoving money down strangers panties.


Popular with Asian gangs involved in smuggling operations.

Gant Bridge Visitor Center

It's a really big bridge. And it looks very nice. Therefore you should come to our visitor center! After all, you haven't really been somewhere until you've been to their visitor center.


Did someone say trailer trash? Or ghetto? Budget clothing. Popular with people who can't afford anything nice. What are we? The fashion police?


Old industrial neighborhood under heavy redevelopment as yuppies and businessmen move in as fast as they can.

Wang Cars

Wang sells nothing but the best cars.

Transfender Body Shop

Body swap service popular with people who buy a car, then want to make it look like a different car. Probably the same kind of people who like creative plastic surgery.

Pay N Spray

America's favourite re-spray shop since 1974. Apparently popular with criminals re-painting stolen vehicles, but we have not seen anything. Ever.


This part of town is full of run down businesses and failed services. Now full of drug dealers, prostitutes and pimps. I think I will go and investigate undercover. It might look like I'm buying drugs and sleeping with hookers, but I will be fighting crime.

Cranberry Station

Train station in Cranberry. Popular with anyone who wants to get onto a train.


Upscale business area surrounding the Financial district.

Big Pointy Building

Good lord! Look at that! That architect must have real issues. It's sick. Just keep him away from children.

Valet Parking

The ultimate American dream - Get someone else to park your car.

Windy, Windy, Windy, Windy, Street

An extremely windy street. Great for tourists. Otherwise, completely pointless.

Easter Basin

Docklands and bay area waterfront, has become home to Vietnamese gangs including the Da Nang Boys, Shining Razors and Butterfly Children.

Aircraft Carrier

Government Vessel Full of Sailors who seem to like being stationed in San Fierro. Wonder why?

Da Nang Boys

Vietnamese street gang. Extremely violent. At war with local Chinese ("Triads") gangs. Uncontrollable. Major interests in protection.

Dry Dock

Dry dock facilities are useful for docking boats that don't like to get wet.

Import/Export Ship

San Fierro docks have long been used as a major smuggling route into the US. Overrun with criminals, gangsters and corruption. Believed to be a major entry point for drugs, illegal immigrants, weapons, food stuffs and anything else we haven't properly taxed yet.

Xoomer Gas Station

Listen to this guy - It makes one thing very clear - Winners don't do drugs.


San Fierro Rifa territory. Bordering on Hashbury. This semi-industrial sector is believed to have become a major hub in the international drugs trade.

Cobra Martial Arts Dojo

A lot of cops train here. The showers are great, although we all wind up sharing the one shower head. And someone always loses the soap.

San Fierro Rifa

Hispanic street gang. Dislike of Mexican gangs from Los Santos. Possible involvement in cocaine trade further information classified.

Zero's RC Shop

Owner insists that it is not a toy store. Instead they sell 1/10th scale replicas of reality. Owner called Zero. Kind of a dork.

Angel Pine

Logging town at the foot of Mount Chiliad, now a center for outdoor sports such as mountain biking and wearing expensive outdoor clothing.


America's favorite gun store since 1962. Ammunation are famed for their try-it-before-you-buy-it specials, for their unflinching fight against communists and Pinkos, and for not giving a rat's ass about background checks. It's a national institution! After all, guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people.

Mount Chiliad

The highest mountain in the whole state. Very popular with people who like to get high. I mean people who like to feel on top of the world. I mean people who have nothing better to do than walk up a goddamn hill. It's crime-free. Why is it on a crime report? Nobody is going to steal it.

Rest Stop

Truck Stop.

San Fierro Medical Center

Just hope you got insurance. Thank God we ain't communists. Free health care is revolting.


Hippies! Don't they just make your skin crawl. They're useless, pointless, meaningless, soap-dodging parasites. In my day, we would round up guys like this and shoot them. That's why we fought the war!

Corvin Stadium

The official home of the Sixty Niners! The most up and down, you win some, you lose some team in sports!

"The Farm"

This region is riddled with marijuana farms. It's a crime and you shouldn't do it, because if you do it, you are a criminal. Luckily, we get to bust criminals and put them in prison, where they get raped by killers. Ha Ha.

Alex's Hot Dogs

Small, vehicular fast food vendor. Believed to have been a mechanic who once worked with organized crime in Vice City. Constantly stoned. Friends with hippies.

Cluckin' Bell

America's favorite use of the battery farm. It's healthy, nutritious and deep-fried.