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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - Characters

There are plenty of interesting people to meet, work for and murder in the streets of Liberty City. Here are some of those you'll find in Liberty City Stories.

Toni Cipriani

Toni Cipriani is the protagonist of Liberty City Stories. At the start of the game, Toni is demoted to a footsoldier after living overseas for several years for killing a made man under order of Salvatore Leone. Toni eventually becomes a made man and by the end of the game is a Caporegime for the Leone Crime Family.

Voice Actor: Danny Mastrogiorgio

Salvatore Leone

Salvatore Leone is the Leone family's Don. Throughout the course of the game Salvatore has Toni working to stop the other two mafia families and help him take control of the city, eventually succeeding, until the events of GTA III.

Voice Actor: Frank Vincent

Donald Love

Donald Love is a media and real estate mogul, as well as a cannibal and necrophiliac. Toni helps Love in his efforts to become Liberty City's mayor, but Love eventually loses to Miles O'Donovan, later going broke and borderline insane before Toni kills Love's former mentor Avery Carrington, stealing valuable development plans from him, and destroying Little Italy to make room for said development to take place. After this, Love's vast fortune starts to replenish.

Voice Actor: Will Janowitz

Vincenzo "Lucky" Cilli

Vincenzo Cilli is Caporegime of the Leone family after taking advantage of Toni's time overseas. Vincenzo is disrespectful to Toni and eventually sets him up by sending Toni to pick up a car that -- unbeknownst to Toni -- is being monitored by the LCPD. Vincenzo is later killed after a failed ambush on Toni inside of a cargo ship.

Voice Actor: Joe Lo Truglio

Joseph Daniel "JD" O'Toole

JD O'Toole is the manager of Paulie's Revue Bar, a Sindacco-owned strip club. JD becomes a mole for the Leones after growing tired of being mistreated by the Sindaccos. JD helps Toni in rising back through the ranks of the Leone Family, but is later killed after being led to believe he was on his way to his ceremony to become a made man.

Voice Actor: Greg Wilson

Massimo Torini

Massimo Torini is Liberty City Stories' main antagonist. Torini is a Sicilian Mobster who comes to Liberty City to take control of the criminal underworld. He enlists Liberty's various gangs to take over Mafia-controlled territories in an effort to weaken them and make his transition to power easier. Torini later orchestrates the kidnapping of newly elected mayor Miles O'Donovan and is later killed by Toni and Salvatore after they save O'Donovan from him.

Voice Actor: Duccio Faggella

Leon McAffrey

Leon McAffrey is a crooked LCPD detective who works for the Leones and helps Toni with the Forellis and Sindaccos. Toni despises McAffrey despite the help he provides claiming that "A crook is still more honorable than a crooked cop."

Voice Actor: Ron Orbach

Maria Latore

Maria Latore is Salvatore Leone's cheating, drug-addled wife. She often gets into trouble, from which Toni usually has to save her. At one point, Toni has to race around Portand to find something to save her from an overdose.

Voice Actor: Fiona Gallagher

Ned Burner

Ned Burner is a Liberty Tree reporter who poses as a priest to get Toni to do various jobs for him so that he can be the first to cover the story. Burner is later witness to Toni killing Avery Carrington, for which Toni kills him, as well. His corpse is presumably eaten alongside Avery's by Donald Love.

Voice Actor: Peter Bradbury

Toshiko Kasen

Toshiko Kasen is the wife of Kazuki Kasen, head of the Liberty City Yakuza.Toshiko wants Kazuki killed, and employs Toni to do this. After Kazuki's death, Toshiko feels guilty and commits suicide by plunging from her balcony.

Voice Actor: Hannah Moon

Mickey Hamfists

Mickay Hamfists is a Leone family enforcer. He is the one who killed JD O'Toole, and Toni feared that he too would be killed by Mickey rather than made as he was escorted to his made ceremony.

Voice Actor: Chris Tardio

Ma Cipriani

Ma Cipriani is Toni's mother. She is very hard on Toni, claiming that he is not a real man. This leads Toni to constantly seek her approval, which he never manages to do. She puts a hit out on Toni, which remains in effect until he is made.

Voice Actor: Sondra James

Jane Hopper

Jane Hopper is a union boss that has organized a ferry workers' strike due to the Callahan Bridge and Porter Tunnel being constructed. She believes that the ferry workers will be out of a job if construction is completed. Hopper tries to extort payment from Salvatore Leone so she will end the strike.

Voice Actor: Gordana Rashovich

Paulie Sindacco

Paulie Sindacco, a.k.a. "The Invisible Don" is the head of Liberty City's Sindacco family. Paulie is killed by Toni during a high-speed boat chase.

Voice Actor: N/A

Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay

Wayne is the leader of a Liberty City biker gang whom Maria LaTore has an affair with. He is killed by Toni for hitting Maria.

Voice Actor: N/A

Giovanni Casa

Giovanni Casa is the owner of a Liberty City deli and is a love interest of Toni's mother. Giovanni has a diaper fetish and is photographed by Toni chasing prostitutes around his van while dressed as a baby. He is killed by Toni, hacked to pieces with an axe and later sold at his own deli, unbeknownst to the employees.

Voice Actor: Joel Jones

Kazuki Kasen

Kazuki Kasen is the head of the Liberty City Yakuza and is the brother of Kenji and Asuka Kasen. Under the employment of Kazuki's wife, Toni ruins much of the Yakuza's business, eventually culminating in a katana duel in which Toni kills Kazuki.

Voice Actor: Keenan Shimizu


Miguel leads Liberty's branch of the Columbian Cartel with Catalina in GTA III. He makes a cameo appearance in LCS in a mission that has Toni retrieving a drug shipment from the Cartel.

Voice Actor: N/A


8-Ball is the explosives expert first seen in GTA III. The LCS version does not have the bandages on his hands like the GTA III version because his injuries were sustained in GTA Advance, which takes place between the two games.

Voice Actor: Guru

Ray Machowski

Ray Machowski is the partner of Leon McAffrey. Ray is the corrupt cop from GTA III, and is not yet corrupted in LCS.

Voice Actor: Peter Appel

Avery Carrington

Avery Carrington is Donald Love's former mentor. Toni kills him in order to steal his development plans for Donald Love. Love later eats Avery's corpse.

Voice Actor: N/A

Phil Cassidy

Phil Cassidy is an arms dealer who has appeared in GTA III, Vice City, Liberty City Stories, and Vice City Stories. Phil is a contact of Toshiko Kasen and a seller of heavy weapons for Toni.

Voice Actor: Hunter Platin

Roger C. Hole

Roger C. Hole is Liberty City's mayor at the start of Liberty City Stories. Hole is a corrupt mayor and is working for the Forellis, helping them take down Salvatore Leone. Hole is subsequently killed by Toni after Salvatore puts a hit out on him as retaliation for his work for the Forellis.

Voice Actor: N/A

Miles O'Donovan

Miles O'Donovan is the mayor of Liberty City following the assassination of previous mayor Robert C. Hole by Toni Cipriani. At the end of Liberty City Stories, O'Donovan is kidnapped by Massimo Torini of the Sicilian Mafia, and is then rescued by Toni and Salvatore Leone, placing him in their debt.

Voice Actor: John Braden

Uncle Leone

Uncle Leone is the head of the Sicilian Mafia and is the unseen force backing Massimo Torini's efforts to take control of the criminal underworld of Liberty City. After Torini's death, Uncle Leone admits that he has lost and quietly bows out of the war for Liberty City.

Voice Actor: N/A