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The Ballad of Gay Tony - Gameplay

The Ballad of Gay Tony introduced plenty of new gameplay features.

Base Jumping and the Parachute

The parachute made a reappearance along with a Base Jumping mini-game in Gay Tony. The parachute can also be used when bailing out of helicopters. This was first seen in San Andreas.


The mini-game involves hitting targets. There are 15 locations around the city to jump from in order to complete the mini-game. These can be buildings or helicopters and require you to reach targets on the ground which can be a spot or moving vehicles.

Rockstar Social Club also has a leaderboard to compare your longest freefall with other people from around the world.

Club Management and Dancing

As Gay Tony's right hand man, Luis is responsible for ensuring his bosses' clubs are run smoothly. This will often mean getting involved and sorting things out himself.

The club management mini-games sees Luis dealing with troublemakers inside the clubs. If he sees someone acting up, he will have to deal with them. Being GTA, this will mean kicking the crap out of some people.

In the dancing mini-game, Luis will have to get up and dance for the punters if they look bored. It is similar to the dancing mini-game in San Andreas where you need to hit a series of buttons at the right time.


Luis can take numerous shots from the bar and black out. He will then wake up in various locations around Liberty City including falling through the sky with a parachute. There is also a champagne challenge which requires some skill and timely button smashing.

Ladies and Booty Calls


After showing off to girls on the dance floor, some may want to get to know you better. You can do the dirty with them in the bathroom or get their numbers and give them a call later for you know what to restore health.

Cage Fighting

Cage fighting puts Luis up against various opponents. There are 5 rounds with 3 opponents each and they get tougher for each round including melee weapons.


Luis has a new assortment of moves that seem like a more advanced fighting style than either Niko or Johnny.


Vehicles have been equipped with nitrous for the online races and the triathlons.


Luis can compete in triathlon races across Liberty City. The three legs are: parachuting, boat racing, and finally car racing. Luis is put against three other opponents and can damage their vehicles but not kill them.

Drug Wars

Another side mission is drug wars. There are 50 missions which require Luis to team up with Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas to steal drugs from other gangs in a few different ways.